The minimalist design of the Classic Outdoor Living PodTM makes this pergola canopy a favourite on the terrace or in the garden. The streamline louvres which form a perfectly aligned watertight roof when closed, rotate up to 150 degrees, stopping at any position, allowing you to enjoy as much light or shade beneath the structure as you desire along with providing ventilation from heat build-up beneath. For larger outdoor spaces, multiple modules can be linked together.



Super Strong

Constructed from corrosion-resistant, polyester powder-coated extruded aluminium finished in a choice of over 200 RAL colours along with stainless steel components for durability and longevity.

Streamline Framework

Clean elegant lines with no visible fixings ensures a flawless finish.

Integrated Guttering

A concealed guttering system built within the front and rear cross beams of the structure connects to down pipes within both front post uprights for effective water drainage from the roof.

Easy Functioning

Operation is via a built on, powerful and reliable radio controlled linear actuator motor operated via either remote control or phone app.

Rotating Louvers

Roof louvres rotate through 150 degrees, stopping at any position to provide precise sun control & ventilation and are completely watertight when closed.

Concealed Base Plates

Galvanised steel base plates contained inside the post uprights provide a discreet and seamless attachment to the ground.


Ambient Evening Lighting

Warm white dim-able LED light strips, built within the roof louvres provide ambient evening lighting.

Instant Heating

Infra-red ultra low glare radiant heaters mounted to the cross beams or posts, provide instant warmth keeping the chill away.

Side Screens

Screens built beneath the cross beams lower to provide protection from driving wind and rain along with offering additional shade from low level sunlight and added privacy.




Installed as a standalone structure either on the terrace or in the garden.


Installed abutting, attached to a facade on one or more sides.

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